Facebook Group Strategies for Growth: Part 1

Facebook Group Strategies for Growth: Part 1

There's nothing worse than a dead Facebook group. Am I right? You need to keep your group interaction up in order for Facebook's algorithms to work properly. Here are the first three strategies that are recommended to grow your Facebook group.

Welcome New Group Members

Did you know that members who have joined your group in the last 7 days are considered new members.  

There is a button that says "Write Welcome Post" on the right hand side of your group. This will allow you to welcome any new members that you have gained during the last week or since the last time you created a welcome post.

Taking the time to welcome members gives them an immediate sense of connection with you and your group. 

Create Polls

Posting a poll lets group members quickly share their opinion and engagement happens almost instantly. Group members love to have their voices heard and posting polls allows them to do so immediately and effectively.


Ask Questions

Ask engaging questions often. There are a few different types of questions that you can ask such as open-ended questions, closed questions, this or that questions, and image based questions.

Examples of open-ended questions are "What did you think of Yellowstone's season premiere?" or "What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?" Each person's answers will be different for open-ended questions.

Examples of closed questions are "Did you go to the game last night?" or "Did you set your clocks back last night?" People will respond to closed questions with a yes or no.

Examples of this or that questions are "Do you prefer pumpkin pie or pecan pie?" or "Does the toilet paper roll go over or under?"

Examples of image based questions are just that, questions that are in an image format. People use graphics programs to create these images. For example, you can use an image of a beach and overlay text on the image to say something like "When was the last time you went to the beach?" It is also recommended that you ask that question in the post as well. It's always recommended to post text when you post an image due to Facebook's algorithms.

In the next installment of Facebook Group Strategies for Growth, we will go over three more strategies that will help you to grow your Facebook group.


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