5 Instagram Stories Ideas

5 Instagram Stories Ideas

#1: Tell A Story About Your Most Popular Product

Customers and potential customers love to hear about your business and what goes on behind the scenes. Tell them about your most popular product. What made you decide to create the product? What does it do and how is it used? As you tell the story about your product, think of how it relates to your target market. What words would draw you in if someone else were describing your product? Think outside of the box.

#2 Get Your Customers Involved

Create a branded hashtag for your business. Invite customers to share about your product by posting photos, reviews, etc and including your branded hashtag. When they do this, share them to your story! Customers love the feeling of being involved in your business.

#3 Share a Sneak Peek

Do you have a new product in the works? Share snippets of your new creation and tease your customers. Include a countdown sticker to create even more excitement for the new product launch.

#4 Poll Your Audience

Play a game of “This or That” by simply adding polls for engagement. Be sure to use a mix of questions that are just for fun and also questions that help you prepare for future content or products that appeal to your customer base.

#5 Create a Consistent Story Series

Use a weekly post idea each week such as #MondayMotivation  or #TransformationTuesday or choose a day dedicated to highlighting a product, a team member or a customer. Whichever you choose to do, stay consistent!

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