5 Procreate Features You Need To Know About

5 Procreate Features You Need To Know About

Quickshape Feature

The Quickshape feature is a lifesaver on Procreate. Gone are the days of uneven lines and lopsided shapes. This feature fixes your lines for you. To find the Quickshape tool, tap Wrench Icon > Preferences > Gesture Controls > Quickshape. The default is set to "draw and hold," but you can customize to fit your needs.

Clipping Masks

To use this feature, create a shape on a layer and add a new layer. Tap the layer that you just created and select "Clipping Mask".

Color Palettes

It is always best to keep colors consistent on your designs. Tap the circle of color in the upper right corner of the app to open the color wheel. 

To manually create a color palette, tap the "+" in the top right corner next to palettes. To add colors to the palette, select the color you want and tap in the palette box to keep that color. Keep repeating this step until you have chosen the colors that you want for you new color palette.

Color Drop

This feature mimics the bucket fill tool used on graphics programs. To use this feature, choose the color you want from your palette. Tap and hold the color circle in the upper right corner. Drag the color to where you want it on the canvas and let go. The color will fill our whole canvas or the shapes you have created, depending on where you let go.

Importing Brushes

You can find premade brush packs, both paid and free, by searching online for procreate brushes. These are game changers when it comes to upping your designs in procreate.

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