Stranger Things Inspired Christmas Lights Pillow

by | Sep 1, 2019 | Crafts + DIY | 0 comments

Two simple steps and you’ve got yourself a Stranger Things Inspired pillow! Purchase the colorful pom pom pillow from Dollar Tree and use the following SVG that I created for the letters. Easy, right?

For those not familiar with the significance of the Christmas lights on Stranger things, Joyce’s son Will goes missing. She experiences flashing lights in her home that responds to her questions. This leads her to believe that her son Will is “in the lights,” and is using them to communicate with her. She sets up strands of lights in her living room coinciding with the letters of the alphabet so that he an answer more complicated questions.

The moment I saw these pillows at my local Dollar Tree, I knew I had to use my Cricut Maker to create the alphabet and apply them to the pillow. What do you think? I’d love to see a photo of yours if you make one!




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